The consortium is integrated by four Industrial Associations of SMEs, Asincar, Asociación de Industrias Cárnicas de Asturias (ES), PAFA, Packaging and Films Association (UK), UECBV, European Livestock and Meat trade Union (BE) and ARC, Asociatia Romana a Carnii (RO), along with an industrial SME, LINCIS, Soluções Integradas para Sistemas de Informação, Lda (PT) and Industrias Cárnicas Alonso (SP) acting as end user and three Research Centers, Centro Tecnológico de la Industria Cárnica de la Rioja (SP), OFI (AT) and Tecnologías Avanzadas Inspiralia S.L. (ES);

Inspiralia will be in charge of various work packages, including the Development of potentiometric sensors for gas sensing application, the design and application of data mining models for predicting meat quality, the Development of a suitable multilayer film for sensor embedment and the integration and validation of the overall solution.

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Identification of target metabolites representative of beef meat spoilage. Among existing indicators of meat spoilage (putrescine, triethylamines, ATP degradation markers, O2, CO2.)


Design of an electronic decision making system (software) for meat quality assessment based on predictive algorithms Implementation and successful testing of the predictive system with real meat in packages.